Free 0870 business numbers with voicemail faxmail conference and international calls

0870 UK Numbers

We are proud to be able to offer you 0870 UK business numbers completly free of charge. We have over 15 years of 0870 telecoms experience and offer millions of 0870 UK numbers from free of charge.

Everybody knows that in business the easier your 0870 telephone number is to remember, the more customers will call your number. Even more so if you use one of our 0870 numbers or extra-memorable 0870 alphadial numbers in your advertising and promotion. 0870 numbers are the ideal solution for those wanting a UK national point of presence.

With our UK 0870 numbers you also have the added benefits of being able to specify a secondary UK or international destination number to take your calls if you are busy,can't answer the call, or if the callers telephone number is withheld. ICD (intelligent call diversion) can be turned on or off, instantly, through the Account control panel. Full information can be found in the Intelligent Call Diversion (ICD) User Guide

Get a free 0870 business number.



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